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Prof. Gheorghe Ciobanu Passed Away

Professor Gheorghe Ciobanu , President of the National Section of the Republic of Moldova of the Balkan Medical Union, passed away on the 13th of March 2022. 

Prof. Ciobanu reformed the emergency medical assistance service in Moldova and the Emergency Medicine Institute of Chisinau that he managed for 24 years. He was awarded the “Order of Honor”, the title “Health Protection Eminent”, the medals “B. M. Behterev”, “N. I. Pirogov”, the Grand Medaille of the French Academy of Sciences and “Dimitrie Cantemir” Medal of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Gheorghe Ciobanu was born on August 29, 1951.

 CTA-BMU expresses the deepest condolences to the family members, on his passing.