will be organized by the Romanian National Section of the Balkan Medical Union. 

Venue: BUCHAREST, Romania Date: 24-26 September 2020 

General topic: 



  • medical emergencies 
  • surgical emergencies 
  • state-of-the-art in internal medicine, surgery, imaging etc 
  • aspects of Balkan medicine, public health 
  • medical education, medical research and writing, science editing, ethics 
  • miscellanea (varia) 

This event is an unique occasion to bring together physicians of varied specialties from the Balkan countries (Romania, Greece, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Bosnia Hertegovina, Albania, etc), representatives of the National Medical Academy of France, other European countries, leaders of opinion, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, of the health systems, aiming at discussing on the newest innovations in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the medico-surgical diseases in the Balkan countries.

The scientific programme will be completed by an attractive social programme, that will lead to the success of this meeting. The attendees are invited to send abstracts (oral presentations and posters) for this prestigious scientific event wishing to promote the collaboration and the friendship among the Balkan countries physicians.

Abstracts should be structured as follows: Title (uppercase words), authors (first name, name, professional affiliation indicated as superscript numbers), Introduction, Material and methods, Results, Conclusions, 250 words at the most, Times New Roman 12, spaced at one line, Justified, in French or in English. Accepted abstracts will be published in a supplement of the journal “Archives of the Balkan Medical Union’’. Authors will take upon themselves the contents of the papers.

Abstracts will be sent to the following e- mail: drcameliadiaconu@gmail.com

Official languages: French, English Deadline for sending abstracts: the 1st of August 2020. More details about registration will be soon posted on the BMU website: http://www.umbalk.org

We look forward to welcoming you in Bucharest to meet colleagues, to make new friends, share ideas, learn and get inspired within an atmosphere of friendship and professionalism. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Habil. Camelia DIACONU International Secretary General of the Balkan Medical Union Congress President 

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